Hi my name is Avraham Chaim Apatow and I am a spiritual seeker and former professor of philosophy who returned to my Jewish roots. For the past seven years I have been living in Israel studying the Torah. On this blog I am sharing my latest book THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOD.

In this book I explain an essential aspect of Jewish spirituality and Kabbalah, which is not well known, concerning the role of Moses. According to the deeper meaning of this teaching the soul of Moses is not merely a historical figure, but literally the power of spiritual revelation in the world.

The great Chassidic master Rebbe Nachman teaches us that this is the essence of the spiritual teaching of the Torah that leads us to true joy and healing.

I hope my books helps bring greater understanding of this wisdom and joy into your life. You can also discover more of my work at shareyorah.org a helpful book and interactive program called The Secret to Achieving Personal Goals.


Avraham Chaim Apatow



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